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B-Boying a.k.a. Breakdancing, originated on the streets of New York in the 70's. It is an essential element of Hip-Hop culture. Since the 70's, Breakdancing has spread around the globe.

At Beat Street AZ, our students will learn the basics of Breakdancing. They will be introduced to the styles of Top-Rock, Footwork, Freezes and Power-Moves.


During our Breakdancing course, our students will be introduced to Capoeira, a Brazilian martial arts, which has its influence on breakdancing. Students will also partake in exercises to promote fitness. 


Through our Breakdancing course we will introduce our students to the fundamentals of team-work as they work together to perform routines that are choreographed. Exercise will also be conducted to demonstrate the cardio, strength and stamina needed for breakdancing. 


B-Boy - Mackelmore
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