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DJ'ing is the art of masterfully mixing music. DJ's entertain and bring life to any event. DJ'ing is an essential element to the Hip-Hop culture. DJ'ing has evolved from two turntables and a crate of vinyl records to MP3 players and software. 


Here at Beat Street AZ our students will be introduced to DJ'ing by various software programs. Students will also be introduced to different genres of music to appreciate the diversification of music. This will allow our students to appreciate the different sounds of music and its culture. 


Our students will then learn the fundamentals of music production through the DJ course. Students will make their own beats using tablets and editing software provided by Beat Street AZ. During this course students will learn how music can be used as an avenue of escape and self-expression. 


Sincerely Yours, the D.A.C. - Dirty Art Club
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