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It goes without saying that there is a desperate need for youth programs throughout our nation, in particular the city of Phoenix. Beat Street AZ provides a unique approach to youth programs as it integrates education, technology, critical thinking, and the arts, coinciding with Hip-Hop culture. Beat Street AZ is designed to empower its students by igniting the imagination and creativity through its resourceful courses. 


Payment Options, Sponsorships & Scholarships for our programs will be made available, email us for more info.

(Students must be 12 - 18 years old)









We also incorporate six (6) life skills into our main courses to prepare our students for the real world. 

Financial Responsibility 

Students will be provided with basic knowledge on the importance of credit responsibility. Students will learn how credit scores influence financial decisions in life. They will be taught how to avoid financial pitfalls.


Students will learn the importance of nutrition and its influence on a healthy life style. Students will learn how to make smart food decisions to avoid health complications later in life. 


Students will learn the importance of being successful leaders. Students will be taught the core principles of effective leadership and how it can be used to develop, inspire, motivate, and guide others, as well as themselves.

College Readiness 

Students will learn the importance of a higher education, as well as how to prepare for college. Students will learn about financial options pertaining to college such as the differences between scholarships, grants and student loans. Students will learn how to contact colleges and how to fill out a college application. 

Job Readiness

Students will learn the importance of being employed. Students will learn how to fill out a job application, how to conduct a job interview and the importance of first impressions. Our students will also learn how to interpret paycheck deductions. 


Students will learn basic principles on how to begin a business. This class will teach students how to become young entrepreneurs utilizing the skills they have acquired in our basic classes. This seminar will cover the basic requirements of starting a business. 

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